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Natural Stone Masonry in Vernon

Barry Mason Service has compiled an elaborate portfolio of work which spans many years of quality stone masonry in Vernon and Lake Country. Our work in natural stone masonry covers fireplaces, outdoor kitchens and exterior spaces such as front doors, entranceways, gate pillars and more. We offer expertise in all areas of masonry projects carried out by us. For free estimates and more information, give us a call.

Projects under Natural Stone Masonry

Our work in natural stone masonry includes:

  • Fireplace

Make your winters warmer and cozier with a custom fireplace. Our team can make one that complements your décor and sets the right tone.

  • Outdoor living

Creating an outdoor kitchen or fireplace requires attention to comfort and setting. With our assistance, you can add an outdoor kitchen or fireplace in your space and increase your property’s value.

  • Exteriors

With experience in planning and shaping exterior landscaping, we know how to blend the character of your house with our stone masonry. We can convert simple entryways into distinguished front doors and entranceways.

Revamp Your Space

A cozy fireplace or new pathway can instantly add character to your home.

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