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Chimney Repairs, Restorations and Sweeping in Vernon

For customers who require chimney repairs and restorations in Vernon, Barry Mason Service offers effective and affordable services. Sweeping and maintaining a chimney can be a messy job for homeowners, but it should be done regularly to remove built-up soot. Our professionals employ methods that reduce the chances of fire hazards in your home and facilitate unobstructed airflow through the chimney. Give us a call to learn more about our repair and restoration services.

Chimneys We Repair and Restore

We have customized services for different chimneys such as:

  • Brick chimneys

By patching cracks in your brick chimney, we save your valuable time and money, as well as keep you and your family safe by reducing the possibility of chimney fires.

  • Block chimneys

Cracks in block chimneys are often caused by frost or expansive clay soil that disturbs the chimney footing. With our skills, we inspect such cracks, fix them and repair the chimney’s connections into the building.

  • Masonry chimneys

After inspecting masonry chimneys for signs of wear and tear, we look for spalling bricks. Once detected, they are either repaired or replaced with new bricks.

Fix Your Chimneys Today

We know our way around different chimneys.

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